Introducing "The Storm"

Unleash the Power of Social Media Amplification!

The Storm by $UXOS is a revolutionary service that harnesses the immense potential of Twitter for social media amplification. Using a dedicated army of AI-powered Twitter accounts, The Storm strategically promotes and advocates for $UXOS with a minimum of 30 daily tweets and interactions per account.

With a capacity of 200 accounts, it generates a minimum of 1,500 tweets per day, amplifying brand presence and driving engagement. Profits from this service contribute to the growth and success of $UXOS, making it a powerful tool for unleashing the full potential of social media marketing.


Introducing "UXY"

Empowering Your Community with AI-Driven Support and Management!

UXY revolutionizes your online interactions as a cutting-edge community support and management bot. Powered by advanced AI technology, UXY offers over 300+ moderation commands and features, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience. With meticulous attention to detail, UXY seamlessly integrates with your community, providing invaluable support and assistance in moderating discussions, enforcing guidelines, and facilitating engaging interactions.

Best of all, UXY is completely free for everyone, allowing you to enhance your community's dynamics effortlessly. Trusted by over 110+ chats and with an impressive user base of 8,000~ individuals and counting, UXY has a proven track record of excellence. Unlock the power of UXY to streamline your operations, foster positive engagement, and create an environment where your users can thrive. Embrace UXY today and witness the transformative impact it brings to your community!.


Introducing "UBB"

Social Media Account Boosting Made Easy!

UBB, also known as @UXOSBoostBot, is your go-to utility for effortless social media account boosting. With its user-friendly interface, simply send a direct message to UBB, place an order, and let our cutting-edge technology latch onto your social media posts to bring you the insights you most certainly deserve. Every profit generated from this service contributes to our ecosystem, supporting the growth and success of $UXOS.

Experience the power of UBB as it amplifies your social media presence, elevating your posts and increasing your reach. Let our boosting utility work its magic while you sit back and watch your engagement soar. Embrace UBB today and unlock the full potential of your social media accounts within the $UXOS ecosystem!


Introducing "UNFTMB"

Streamlined NFT Sales Information on Telegram!

UNFTMB, also known as @UXOSNFTMinterBot, is our dedicated Telegram bot designed to seamlessly link all NFT sales directly into our official Telegram channel. 

This innovative bot serves as a hub for sharing valuable information about NFT sales within the $UXOS ecosystem. Please note that UNFTMB is for informational purposes only.

With UNFTMB, you can stay up-to-date with the latest NFT sales happening within our community. The bot ensures that you have easy access to important updates and insights related to NFT transactions, providing a convenient way to monitor and engage with the vibrant NFT market within the $UXOS ecosystem. Join our official Telegram channel and let UNFTMB keep you informed about the exciting world of NFTs!


Introducing "UWSB"

Seamless Order Management with UXOSWebStore_bot!

UWSB, also known as @UXOSWebStore_bot, is our dedicated Telegram bot that efficiently links all marketing service orders from our website ( directly to a private Telegram channel. 

This innovative bot serves as a powerful tool for our marketing team, allowing them to easily manage orders and receive timely alerts whenever customers place new orders.

With UWSB, our marketing team can streamline the order management process, ensuring smooth and efficient handling of all service requests. By connecting the website orders to the private Telegram channel, our team gains immediate visibility and can promptly attend to each order, ensuring exceptional customer service and timely delivery of our marketing services. 

Join us and experience the convenience of UWSB as it enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of our marketing operations.


Introducing "UTSB"

UXOS Tweet Support Bot - Effortless Tweet Support Made Simple!

Launching soon for public use, UTSB is the UXOS Tweet Support Bot designed to revolutionize tweet support within the $UXOS community. With a seamless integration between Twitter and Telegram, this powerful utility allows users to effortlessly show their support for tweets with just a few clicks. UTSB enables users to directly link tweets to Telegram and, with a single button click, they will be taken to their Twitter account with a pre-written tweet, generated by AI. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual typing and ensures that supporting a tweet becomes a quick and hassle-free experience.

By providing a user-friendly and efficient way to support tweets, UTSB empowers the $UXOS community to amplify important messages and engage with the digital landscape effortlessly. 

Stay tuned for the launch of UTSB and get ready to join the movement of seamless tweet support within the $UXOS ecosystem!